1 An AGM will be called once a year. This will be open to all league participants and all the club secretaries will receive written / email invitation

2 Teams wishing to play in the league must pay an entry fee. The amount to be decided at the AGM

3 A team to consist of 3 players in strict order of playing ability

4 Teams may register up to six players at the start of the season. The order may be changed after half of the their fixtures have been fulfilled

4a Teams must be comprised only of players that are members of the club that the team plays out of

4b Teams consisting of less than 6 players may name players from the same club from lower divisions in order of playing ability up to a maximum of 3 players in total

4c The other named players from the same club from the lower divisions may play a maximum of 4 games per season. A player “playing up” must play at number 3

4d A player “playing up” can only play for 1 team in the higher division

5 The 3 Man Secretary must be informed of any change to the playing order and also any players that will be “playing up”

6 Additional players may be registered with the 3 Man Secretary before the 31st January of the current season

7 A player may play in only one team except as in 4a and 4b. A player wishing to transfer may do so providing they have the permission of both Teams Secretaries and informs the 3 Man Secretary. No transfers may be made after the 31st January of the current season. Players are not allowed to transfer to other teams in their same league nor transfer down to a lower league

8 All three matches of a fixture must be played on the same night at the same venue

8a A team fielding only two players must concede at the third string

8b A match cannot be played with one player, it must be conceded

8c If the fixture is begun but the number one string fails to turn up, then all matches are conceded

8d A team failing to turn up for an agreed fixture without contacting the opposing Team Secretary and the 3 Man Secretary will concede the match

9 The 3 Man Secretary should be informed of any extended delays in arranging a fixture

10 Each match will be the best of five games (PAR to 11 in the Premier Division and PAR to 15 in all other Divisions). Each game won will score 1 point and a bonus of 3 points awarded to the team winning overall

11 It is the responsibility of the home Teams Secretary to arrange with the away Teams Secretary the date and time of the match. The home team must also provide balls and markers for all the games.

12 All matches to be played within 2 weeks of the stated fixture date otherwise the match will be conceded by the away team unless the home team did not provided at least two alternative dates in which case the match will be conceded by the home team . The Bonus points are also awarded for conceded matches. If for whatever reason a match can’t be played in the 2 week period but both team’s secretaries are keen to play the game then rule 9 will apply

13 Match results should be made known to the 3 Man Secretary no later than 4 days after the match has been played. Results can be posted, emailed or sent by text. The results must include the individual game scores

15 All Junior players (under 19) must wear suitable goggles during their matches

16 Any infringement of the rules or any points not covered by above rules will be discussed by the 3 Man committee as necessary